Project partners

E.RATIO is an Innovative SME that deals with software engineering whose business assets are:

  • Web design and implementation of CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Engineering consultancy on ad hoc software systems
  • Software prototyping in the field of telemedicine, historical-cultural heritage and agrifood

The company is made up of a staff of software engineers and analysts, with at least ten years’ experience on the three assets indicated. All resources have at least three-year post-graduate experience in Industrial Research and Experimental Development projects. E.RATIO includes several collaborations with the research field (University of Bari, University of Foggia, University of Basilicata, CNR-ITC, ALSIA) and with other companies in the ICT.

It is registered in the MIUR National Research Registry with code 61262TTJ

L’ALSIA (Lucanian Agency for Development and Innovation in Agriculture )

ALSIA leads studies and research, development and innovation activities in the agriculture, agro-industry, green chemistry and bioeconomy sectors.

Particularly focused on Mediterranean crops, the Agency has done research on resistance to biotic and abiotic stress, to obtain functional foods, to produce drugs from plants, to obtain special oils for industry.

It provides support and research activities to companies using modern genomic platforms (TILLING, Wide Genomic Selection with NGS) and Plan Phenomics.

The research is conducted in the Agency’s Metapontum Agrobios Research Center, located in Metaponto, in the heart of one of the most important agro-industrial areas of the Basilicata Region.

The Metapontum Agrobios Research Center was acquired by the Agency in January 2013 by the research company of the same name, participated by the Basilicata Region. From the company, the Research Center inherits years of experience, skills, infrastructures, technological platforms, intellectual properties of one of the most significant national experiences in the field of Research and Development of the green biotechnology sector.

The Research Center, with a covered area of ​​3,000 square meters, has modern biology and molecular genetics laboratories, in vitro cultures, biochemistry, genomics, phytopathology, industrial mycology, equipped with modern and cutting-edge instrumentation.

The Center has 5,500 square meters of experimental greenhouses and is part of an experimental agency of the Agency, the Pantanello company, which has agronomic laboratories and 80 ha of experimental fields.