Give importance to every single drop of water

Innovating the use of water resources and nutrition in agriculture.

Objectives of the project

Decision Management System

It allows a huge technological improvement  automating irrigation and supporting nutritional choices with a view to sustainable resource management.

The EASy technological system will optimize two fundamental operations in agronomic management: irrigation and nutrition. The monitoring of nutrients and soil moisture levels will be done through the use of specific hardware technologies, using specific sensors positioned directly in the ground. The data from the field will be combined with the mathematical models for the optimization of agronomic management of tree crops in the open field.

The right dosage of nutrients and therefore the perfect fulfillment of the needs of the crop has two fundamental objectives, reducing the impact of crops on the environment and of course optimizing the quantity and quality of the productions as well as maximizing the remuneration for the company.


EASy innovation tries to overcome the current technological gaps on the market, given by the absence of intelligent systems that can automate the entire irrigation management and provide a punctual schedule for nutrition.

The technology behind the already existing DSS uses mathematical models which define the necessary irrigation volumes analyzing only the actual data without taking into consideration other factors such as: soil grain size, porosity, air humidity. Other  more advanced systems, instead, use only the data collected by the feeler which, due to their sensitivity, do not always provide precise indications and in any case do not take into consideration other pedoclimatic and management factors.

The EASY system

It is aimed at making the reading of the detected data complete, limiting the sensitivity of the feeler and integrating the information with mathematical models.

This will allow to quantify the volumes to be irrigated and the nutrients to be supplied, acting on the system with a view to extreme sustainability.

Added value of the project, compared to existing technologies, is also the possibility of automatically distributing the quantity of water required, by operating the solenoid valves of the irrigation systems.

What EASY can do

Timeline of the EASY project

Activity monitoring and risk management matrix
Study of mathematical models for wine and olive growing
Reports on the study of the state of the art of DSS technologies in the field of irrigation
APRIL 2021
Systematic research on dynamic models for soil irrigation
Reports on the study of the state of the art of DSS technologies in the field of soil nutrition
JULY 2021
Study of experimental models in the literature for the management of soil nutrition
Mathematical models and algorithms for the DMS E.A.Sy.
Analysis and design documents of the DMS E.A.Sy.
E.A.Sy DMS system v. Alpha
MARCH 2021
E.A.Sy DMS system v. Beta
JUNE 2021
Test report of the models of the DMS E.A.Sy.
APRIL 2023
Report on scientific experimentation
Critical analysis of scientific results
New mathematical models for the management of irrigation and nutrition for olive and wine crops
E.A.Sy DMS system v. 1.0